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Enjoy these photos from previous trips.

Click on the thumbnail to get a larger view.

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Our SF to Tiburon Ride  
Beautiful view from our SF to Tiburon ride. This view is from SF side start of Golden Gate Bridge
Wow, those cable are big
Just sit back and enjoy the bridge when you ride with us on this years trip
You can't ride across the bridge without stopping at the Fort.
Here are to MBC members stopping to admire the statue. (or rest your choice)
Okay, here we start across the bridge.


One quick look to the left to enjoy the California Cost 
Well, we made it across the bridge to Sausalito, what a fountain
Boy, don't they look happy, they don't realize they are only 25% done with the entire ride.
Okay they are 50% done.  But the rest is all downhill.