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The Written Ride


In this section we get a chance to discuss and write about the rides we take and cycling in general.  Submissions are always welcome.  This is where we will keep pictures and other highlights of our rides and meetings.

Contributions Welcome:

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Niles Canyon

There is a Class 1 bike path off of Highway 84, Niles Canyon road.  It is, for the most part, flat.  The scenery is varied with people, bright tree colors, and all types of birds. It ends at San Francisco Bay which is 11 miles from the parking lot.  You can add an additional 4 miles by riding South next to the bay and circling back.   There are  no stops required for cars as the path “dips” below vehicle roads.  Bring snacks, there are no places immediately off the path to buy food.  Many riders ride the canyon road, but for the recreational rider this is not recommended due to the fast vehicle traffic and curves on the road.

Directions:  Take I-680 south.  Exit Highway 84, which is Niles Canyon Road.  At the STOP sign go west.  This takes you through the canyon.  At Old Canyon road, turn left.  Watch for a parking lot on the left after you cross the bridge (it’s down a hill).  If you get to Mission Blvd, you went too far.

Frank Rainey Park

Was it Worth the Visit?
Jeff and Marilyn found out.  It was not the visit to the park, but meeting the challenge of getting there, that made Sunday's trip a memorable ride. After 3 miles of rolley polley's (as Ellen calls them) there is a constant climb uphill for 15 miles, some of which - after you ride uphill for awhile actually feel like they are downhill.  If you can do the Volcano ride, then just add 5 miles, and you have an idea about this ride.  Remember when you are going out, that coming back in is 15 miles downhill with minor pedaling.  
It was a beautiful day with literally no wind conditions to deal with.  
Definitely a good workout and a trip to make during the cooler spring or winter months.  You will find it on the calendar as a club ride for next year.


Knights Ferry

Sutter Creek to Volcano

Pier 39 to Tiburon

Lake Chabot in Castro Valley